We Supply Quality Spares Suitable For Following Turbocharger Brands

We value our customers and know that when their engine fail, each seconds counts. We supply technical spare parts to all maritime clients regardless of which type of vessels they operate: cruise ships, merchant vessels, mega yachts, offshore platforms and FPSO's.


We know our Marine sector clients are tasked with meeting the challenges Marine industry of safety, quick turnaround and often a harsh operating environment while staying profitable at all times.


Bearings keep your turbochargers at their peak performance levels also support the radial and axial loads and reduce the rotational friction of the rotor.

Turbine Rotor

Turbine rotor is the most critical and only rotating component of turbocharger. We undertake jobs like repair or replace turbine rotor of all makes and provide balancing report along with rotor.


Nozzle Ring

Function of nozzle ring in turbocharger is to change pressure energy to velocity (kinetic energy)


The premature damage to nozzle rings has been a commonly reported problem, which creates unplanned down times and emergency service attendance. In such situations, we keep huge stocks spare nozzle rings of different specifications for replacement and we recommend to off land damaged nozzle ring for necessary repair at our workshop.


We generally keep huge stock of general consumable items from UAE.


The cost of casing is a major part of the overall well cost, so selection of casing size, grade, connectors, and setting depth is a primary engineering and economic consideration. We can provide casings of almost all makes whether new or reconditioned.


Complete Turbo Unit/Cartridge Unit

We offer Turbo Charger Parts & Repair Kits which are available with technical specifications as well. These are manufactured under the guidance of professionals who are indulged in providing technically advanced products to our clients. We provide ultimate satisfaction to our clients as these are long lasting as well as corrosion resistant.
We can offer complete unit or complete cartridge(new as well as reconditioned unit) of all makes according to specification



We can supply silencer/filter of all makes.


Turbo Blades

A turbine blade is the individual component which makes up the turbine section of a gas turbine or steam turbine. The blades are responsible for extracting energy from the high temperature, high pressure gas produced by the combustor. Blade fatigue is a major source of failure instream turbines and gas turbines.
We can offer new turbine blades or blades on Exchange basis to our customer as per specification and requirement.